Entry #1

Let me introduce myself

2011-01-31 12:52:51 by emosheo

Hello, My name is Jake. Galletta i am a new member to Newgrounds.com. I am 15 years old, and am a freshmen. I like to play on my PS3, psn name is soulxeater22. ill accept anyone who isnt a 40 year old stalker o.0 . I have 2 little brothers and 1 older brother, there name shall not be mentioned XD. i like to play Black ops and tekken 6 alot so. if you want to Vs. me in one add me on psn. My favorite color is black XD. I listen to alot of hardcore metal, sreamo, rock. i rly cant stand anything else rap gives me a headache XD. If your wonder alot of people lable me as emo, and goth. >.< idk why. But that all you need to know about me i guess lmao. Please no stakers


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